Month: November 2010

Thank you Daddy!

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The burn on my wrist is not hurting anymore tho’ it’s still pinkish..

Thankful for the Aloe Vera gel papa got for me..


>.< Hopeless kultz..

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Burnt my left wrist.. accidentally passed it over the steams of the rice cooker.. now it’s so tender and painful.. 

played enough for tonight..

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need to get some sleep to try and recover from my bad cold that has developed into a cough too >.< 

Good night world! need zzzz desperately…

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Sending this from my email =p

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can’t resist their cuteness…

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i love this cutie pie!!


Oh for the love of all that is cute…

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Thanks for sharing it! i ❤ it too!


The band’s called The Baseballs and they’re rockin! 

This is Katy Perry’s Hot ‘n’ Cold btw.

What can I use this for?

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Just set this account up on a whim when i was adding stuff to my

Things that I’ll be posting here maybe really random till I figure out what i want this for..

Feel free to read my ramblings or just move on..

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travelling fun.. even if i’m blurry

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Too happy too bright!